Some good words

  • “It's wonderful learning in #PAC. Instructions of our teacher really helping to improve our approach. ”

    PRADEEP System Engineer
  • “Being part of pencil and chai is so much fun and learning 🙂 Thanks To PAC for improving the skills in me, looking forward for more! ! !”

    SHRUTI R AV Engineer
  • “I loved the workshop, thanks to Sadhu sir who made painting sound so easy because of him I understood how to shade..color mixing and dare to try bold colors. However some 1 -2 -1 session would have also helped...also more emphasis on what a new person who is introduced to painting should do. But over all, this workshop rocks and thanks a ton for all those who contributed in making this happen..thanks Team Coloring India.”

    Nirmitha.J Response on Sadhu Aliyur's Workshop
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